We achieve leadership through the continuous development of our employees, the creation of a self-teaching organization, the philosophy of continuous improvement, the application of advanced management techniques, as well as attracting and training the best professionals.

We contribute to the welfare of our employees and their families by providing opportunities for staff members to fulfil their potential to the highest degree.

About company

Arman Holding grows at the same rate as the industrial communications and energy markets develop, possessing more than a decade's experience - from equipment supplier to integrator and manufacturer of power and telecommunications systems for industrial facilities.

Drawing on their knowledge and experience, our specialists propose cost-effective, integrated data-telecommunications and energy solutions based on a customer’s specific requirements, as well as comprehensive implementation and maintenance throughout the system's life cycle.

We are proud of our status as reliable partner to the largest enterprises in leading industries, which is borne out by more than 700 successful projects and international quality certificates.

We continually strive to expand our technical capabilities and improve the quality of our products, as well as utilising the most advanced business technologies, enabling us to create additional competitive advantages and offer effective solutions to the on going business objectives of our clients.

mission2Qualified professionals and competent management

Intellectual resources represent the supreme value of the company - we have managed to assemble a team of qualified professionals and to organise their work in accordance with recognised international standards:

  • Quality Management System is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008.
  • The globally-recognized PMBOK American national standard was selected for the project management standard.
  • The ITIL process approach was implemented in the service department's work to ensure consistent quality and increase user satisfaction.

We take care to ensure that each employee has the opportunity to fulfil their maximum potential, and thus follow the principles of a learning organization - continuous development and improvement of skills.

Experience with enterprises in different branches of industry

Years of experience have enabled the specialists of "Arman" to thoroughly examine manufacturing processes and understand the specific needs of an enterprise in any given industry. This knowledge and the desire to fully meet the customer's needs have helped us to develop solutions that are optimally suited to the realisation of comprehensive projects at industrial facilities in different sectors:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
  • Atomic energy sector
  • Electrical energy sector
  • Metallurgy and Mining Plants
  • Transport industry
  • Shipping industry
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry for Emergency Situations, the Armed Forces of Russia

Understanding enterprises working in different sectors of industry has enabled us to develop a flexible approach - working on an individual basis has become a substantial advantage for "Arman". The company always meets the needs of clients, and if our existing solutions do not satisfy all their requirements, we have the resources necessary to create a truly unique product for a particular customer.

The use of modern equipment

We appreciate how important are considerations of safety and comfort when operating under difficult conditions, which is why we only select consistently high-quality products for our industrial communications equipment solutions.

The company offers solutions that are specifically designed for use in industrial environments. Our quality certificates guarantee reliable communication in environments of chemically aggressive and explosive natures, over a wide range of temperature conditions, and with high levels of noise and dust.

Not only do we have the opportunity to carefully select products from among the wide range our partners offer, but also to optimize performance of that equipment to suit the needs of the customer, depending on the specific requirements of any particular project.

Developing our own product, exploring new directions and entering new markets have enabled

Arman to be at the forefront of contemporary trends. One of our innovations was a digital public address system that was based on our 'IPN Armtel' IP-switching system. 'IPN Armtel'is the company's exclusive solution and it has been created with the use of advanced technologies, taking into consideration the specific requirements of industry.